Different Province, Same Idea

I thought I was done with the field for a while. I was thinking about spending the weekend making home-made pita bread, and granola bars (both delicious). But, and this shouldn’t exactly be a surprise, I’m in Fort Nelson instead. After almost 4 hours on one of those little planes, hoping for no turbulence, and feeling my already crampy legs cramp even more in those teeny seats, I am back in the North. Now I realise that this isn’t Northern Alberta, but Northern BC is pretty much the same thing – North. I took a quick walk down to the IGA to buy some chips, and well, that seemed to be about the only place where anything was happening today (although I did notice that the laundromat had a few customers, and they sell bison meat too!). I love small towns, but I love being at home more, so being in Fort Nelson isn’t exactly my dream weekend escape right now.

And all this being away is interfering with my marathon training. I fit in all my runs this week, but 18 miles on Friday was a tight squeeze (I did have to take the morning off work to fit it in). And next week will be rushed too. I’m hoping that I’ll be home after that- 20 miles is coming up soon!


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