Does This Count As a Home Repair?

Jonny’s dad built us some wine glass racks and they arrived in the mail just before I left for the field way back at the beginning of February. We finally got around to putting them up a couple of weekends ago, and I finally got around to taking photos of them on Friday. With all the field work, it takes a long time to get anything done!

It took us a whole Friday night, three different drill bit, two drills, the stud finder, the level and two trips to Totem to get the final product up on the wall. I’m lucky my husband is handy, because it would have taken me forever on my own, and they wouldn’t have looked as good as they do.  They look very nice  now that they are done – they’re cherry (I love it) and give us space for 15 glasses. We’ve done very little decorating (or none really) so it’s nice to have a little bit of colour up on the walls. And now I have more space in my china cupboard for my collection of yellow rose china.

We got three different racks of varying size. We put the littlest, which holds two glasses, up near the “bar” to hold Jonny’s dad’s martini glasses. He’s the only guest we have that drinks martinis, so they won’t get used too much, but they look nice there and use up the little bit of free wall space.

 We put the other two up on another wall in the dinning room. We don’t have enough wine glasses to fill it up yet, but I’m sure our collection will keep growing. They look great when the sun shines in through the window in the morning.

The racks themselves are very simple, but work really well. You just slide the stem into the slot, and the whole glass rests on the base in a little cut out. The slots are on a bit of an angle, so that the glasses don’t slide out. All of our wine glasses with stems fit in, although the pottery one my sister gave Jonny for Christmas can only be put in one of the slots.

So far, they look and work great. Thanks again to Jonny’s dad for the lovely wood work!


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