Oh, Vacation…

We reluctantly returned from the Dominican Republic on Sunday. I really, really did not want to come back –  I love being on vacation! I’d never been to an “all inclusive” before, but the experience was good. I’d had some last minute doubts, but what we needed was a vacation, and this worked perfectly. Our resort just outside of Punta Cana had a lovely beach, a couple pools, nice rooms (we even got an ocean view!) and the weather was gorgeous.

I can’t say that I did much, or saw anything other than the beach near our resort. Most days started with me on the beach by 9:30 am, and I didn’t stray far from my shady lounger until dinner time. I got a tan, and read a book a day. We sipped fruity slushy drinks, and sometimes swam in the pool. We weren’t completely beach bums since we went snorkeling once, and I joined Jonny in the ocean sometimes to do some body surfing. But, that small amount of activity aside, it was probably the laziest I’ve been in a while, and it felt great!

We’re happy that we got this vacation, especially after my long winter in the field. A few days of +30 and sun can make you forget pretty quickly. Toss in a few fruity drinks, a trashy novel and a great beach and I’m all smiles. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep a little bit of that vacation feel now that we’re back to the grind!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Vacation…

  1. Oooohh what a wonderful looking vacation.
    BTW Those sunglasses look like a pair you had in university!! I would laugh if they were them.

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