Damp Days and Fried Rice

It is raining and snowing, again. I do love the wet weather, it makes me want to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and some comfort food. It does not make me want to dress up and go to work, but all life needs balance.

I found myself thinking about shakshuka on my walk home today. I thought the spicy sauce and creamy eggs would be perfect with the weather we’re having. That got me thinking about rice (as the perfect accompaniment, toast is no good) and that got me thinking about this fried rice. And it was a good thought!

Jonny had said he’d never eat the dish (because of that friend egg on top, which is what attracted me to it in the first place), but since he wasn’t home for dinner this was my chance.

Fried rice with egg on top.

And I loved it! I will be making this one again – easy, quick and tasty. Especially with the rice cooker. That thing is amazing! It’s like a crockpot – I just set it before the dog and I head out on our run, and when we get back we’ve got rice. Obviously not an essential cooking idem, but a nice luxury if you’ve got the cupboard space.

As for the recipe, the only think I’ll change next time is the crispy ginger and garlic bits. They weren’t really to my taste – next time I’ll just add them raw into the onion and mix them in. I love crispy, but these just weren’t for me. Oh, and I used green onions instead of leeks. That tasted just fine.


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