Weekend on a Wednesday

It is most definitely not the start of the weekend (or I wouldn’t be going to work tomorrow) but it feels like the start of the weekend tonight. This will be a bit of a disappointment tomorrow, but is a lovely feeling right now. You don’t get enough Fridays, so I’m taking what I can get.

The weather has taken a turn for the better – we played frisbee with the dog, sat in the sun by the river and I cooked a real meal for the first time since early last week. And then we enjoyed said meal outside on the deck without having to wear jackets or shivering uncontrollably. A fake Friday during what I’m sure is only fake summer.

We’ve both been craving quinoa salad since I found the recipe tucked inside another book. Since it’s a summery dish, and tonight was summer, that’s what I made. It’s a simple (and good for you) dish – quinoa, dried apricots, cucumber, sunflower seeds and a light dressing.

While I was in the grocery store purchasing dried apricots, I found myself picking out the ingredients for beef kabobs as well. I guess with the sun shining I just had to make something on the BBQ. And while I can’t stomach an entire steak these days, a few nicely marinated beef cubes work. Especially with some onion, pepper and mushrooms.

And while the kabobs cooked, we sat out on the deck and had a cocktail. I know, having a before dinner drink on a week night! My current favorite summer drink is something called the Peony from the LCBO Food and Drink magazine. It’s minty, and not too boozy, and although we haven’t been adding the Chambord, still pretty tasty (although it’s not pink). I made a simple appetizer of bread and dip, and we watched the cat hunt bees and soaked up the last of the evening sun.

The kabobs were delicious as the main course (with the quinoa salad of course). I tried a slightly different marinade than I usually do, and the combination of lemon juice and soya sauce was so good I couldn’t keep my fingers out of the bowl. Only the fact that I had soaked raw beef in it stopped me from drinking the stuff.

We have leftovers for lunch, a tired cat (hunting is hard work) and a happy dog. Not a bad middle of the week!


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