I hadn’t planned on planting vegetables this year but then I attended a presentation at the zoo and I sort of felt guilty for letting all that land produce nothing. So now I’m growing a few edibles along with my flowers. Not a lot you understand, just one bed. I haven’t done a lot of vegetable growing in the past, so most of what I’m planting is new to me. I’ve got two varieties of swiss chard, dill, and something called strawberry spinach. I haven’t been too successful in previous years so I’m starting small.

This past weekend I started to prep the vegetable bed for my future food growing. I moved day lilies out of the way (and replanted them elsewhere which saves me from having to buy a lot more bedding plants), pulled up all the weeds and turned over the dirt. I’m going to need a lot of compost/manure worked in there before I can plant, so that’s the plan for this weekend. Then we can start the planting! And the waiting, because 60-80 days to maturity seems so long.

As well as what I’m starting from seed outside,  I’ve started some herbs indoors already – basil, mint and oregano – for potting on the deck. I’ve also started zucchini and cucumber. I plan to put them in pots as well, so I can move them around and make sure they get the sun they need. The deck gets a lot of sun, and hopefully we’ll get some good growing.

All the indoor seeds are coming up well, with the exception of the mint. Mint and I don’t get along well, so it’s not a surprise that nothing is happening. The other stuff has all got its first leaves and if I can stop the cat from eating them, will be ready for moving outdoors in June some time. I plan on buying some tomato plants once I’m sure the frosts have passed to hang out on the deck with the zucchini and cucumbers. It’s a big deck, there will lots of room for everything.

All the plants are in early stages, but I think things are coming along, and if I can keep on top of things, I may have edibles from my own garden this August (or sooner in the case of the chards).


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