Two Dogs

About a month ago a co-worker asked if I could dog sit his dog while he was on vacation. Immediately after I agreed to the dog sitting, I stared to have second thoughts. We’ve never had another dog in the house since we got Donnelly, and Patches can be over protective of nearly everything. But we’re almost at the end of our dog sitting, and things have been going way better than I could have expected.

Donnelly spent the first couple days stalking the dogs from the safety of the breakfast bar. We set him up with food, water and a bed so he only needed to scamper into the basement now again to visit the ‘box. While he is still offended by Jasper’s presence, he has started moving around even while the dogs are awake and has stopped stalking them with the idea of doing some damage. Unless Donnelly is running around, the dogs leave him be – which is exactly what we hoped would happen.

As far as being a two dog house, that hasn’t been too bad. We’ve got a lot of extra dog hair, but Patches and Jasper have been absolutely perfect in the house alone while we’re out. They get along, they’ve been easy to walk and when we’re all at home they’re calm. There isn’t much floor space left in our tiny house once you get two large dogs and their large beds spread out everywhere.

I’m not saying I ever want to be a permanent two dog parent, but for short amounts of time it’s sort of fun. It’s probably because Jasper is the easiest dog ever. But I’m not going to complain, unless things get out of control here this afternoon while we’re running, we’ll finish the week with only one minor incident. And the incident was completely Donnelly’s fault – he’s never heard the saying “let sleeping dogs lie”.


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