Hostess Apron

After a few trips to the thrift store, I finally came up with two coordinating fabrics to make a new apron. I used this apron in an hour tutorial as the base for my apron and modified it slightly. The fabrics that I had found were both larger than the pattern called for – I ended up with enough of the main fabric to make a bigger apron and enough of the edging fabric to make longer ties. I also wanted it to be pretty on both sides, so I folded the fabric in half and while attaching the bottom strip to the apron, sewed around the edges of the body. That way I can wear it on either side, and both are finished so it will look good even if I dirty one side and have to switch it around.

The apron took longer than an hour, mostly because I had to pick out some stitching, but still didn’t take too much time. I paid less than $2 for the fabrics, so it was a pretty cheap project, and since it doesn’t have any complicated directions, a pretty easy project.


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