Less Lilacs

I find home repairs in the yard generally more fun than home repairs in the house. The mess is a little more manageable, and if you need to get away from it, you just go inside. That being said, once the weather gets nice, almost all of our time and money gets focused on our outdoor living space.

One of the things I’ve noticed in my walks around the neighborhood is how much nicer a house can look when the front yard is clean and simple. It doesn’t matter if the grass has spots, or the paint job on the house is blue, they always look better with less out front. Over the May long weekend we updated the flower beds, and stained the deck, and I said then that we were done for now with the front yard. But, things still felt cluttered with the bushes and those ugly spruce trees, not exactly how I like my house to feel. I’m not fully committed to removing the trees right now, but taking out lilac bushes is easy. This weekend, since that the lilacs had finished blooming, we  reduced our over grown bushes into something a little more manageable. It took a few hours, but the difference is amazing!


The sad part is that I won’t get much in the way of lilac blossoms next year.


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