More Computer Woes

After my (then) four year old laptop was pronounced dead last April, I figured I was going to have to part with some money and upgrade. Luckily for my bank account, my computer must have seven lives, or it’s a zombie.  As soon as I got back from Israel it just turned on, and we carried on like nothing had happened.

Over 12 months later, while the computer is still working, it’s become obvious that it isn’t going to last forever. The battery no longer charges, the hinges that hold the screen open don’t work, the letter “R” fell off around Christmas, and last week or so the other letters started requiring greater force to activate. And then today, I found not one, but six viruses! All is not well with the Dell it seems.

But, instead of thinking about a new computer this time, I’m just going to try to make this one work. I’m learning to type more aggressively, and avoid the “R” when possible. The screen is either open or shut, and we’re always plugged in. I am hopeful that we’ll make it another 12 months, if nothing else starts going.


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