Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

We hadn’t made any plans, but thanks to other peoples’ organising, we were able to nab a few spots at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park for some long weekend camping. We’d never been to Beauvais Lake before but it turned out to be a pretty nice spot. We stayed at the walk in tent sites just down the road from the main campground. The sites are a bit close together (there are 10 sites in a tiny area), and some aren’t level, but there are a few that have a nice view of the lake and there are grassy sites for your tent. 

I’d been worried about the weather forecast, but Friday night was nice.

Saturday morning was more lovely sunshine and blue sky, so after a pancake breakfast we took a walk to Scotts Point for a view of the lake.

Later we continued the walk around the lake, which took us a couple of hours but was nothing more strenuous than a nice dog walk. The eastern part, with the marshes and wildflowers was nice.

Then there was a lot of boring stuff before we got back out onto the southern lakeshore trail and more views of the lake and more wildflowers.

It eventually leads back to the campground, and since the sun was still shining I took the dog for a swim. But the time we’d dried off, and started dinner preparations the weather had changed and we were in for a stormy night. We were able to stay out through dinner, but it rained and thundered through most of the night.

Luckily, when we woke up on Sunday, it was sunny and clear again. The best part about camping on long weekends is that you don’t need to pack up and head home on Sunday, so the day was spent reading books, playing cards and eating watermelon. There are plenty of walking trails near the other campground, but having a day off was nice. Plus, Patches was pretty tired from being up all night hiding from the thunder, and we were tired from being up all night trying to calm him down.

Our last evening was as nice as our first. We made pie irons in the fire for dinner, which is one of my favorite camping meals, and watched the sunset over the lake. I love camping, and am happy that we made it out for at least one weekend this summer!


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