Two Things of Importance

I had two rather exciting things happen the last week.  One, I celebrated my 28th birthday. Two, I handed in my resignation. The birthday was definitely the easier of the pair. I personally find it a lot less stressful to think about celebrating my birthday than to write a resignation letter. And telling people is easier too. Birthdays are always filled with fun things – pedicures, blender drinks, pizza at 2 am. Telling your work you’re leaving is filled with less fun things – blank looks, hushed silences in the office, hearing the word “disappointed” a lot. Quiting my job look me less than 15 minutes (although I do have two more weeks of work to go). Birthday partying took the better part of a long weekend. Both made me feel a little queasy.

It’s coincidence, not planning, but it was 10 years ago this fall that I set out for university the first time and now I’m headed back to school again. That time I hadn’t exactly decided on a career when I left, this time I know what I’ll be studying.  I’m (assuming I don’t become a university dropout) going to get a B.Ed and become a teacher – a big change from being a geophysicist. I’m excited, a bit nervous, and not looking forward to living on a single salary (again). But I’m very much looking forward to my new adventures!


2 thoughts on “Two Things of Importance

  1. Jenn, that is awesome! Good for you for doing what you want to do! Woot woot! And having been a poor, poor student for soooooooooooooooo long, don’t worry, it’ll be fine!

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