A Sunday for Staying Indoors

It’s raining today in Calgary, which is the perfect excuse to stay inside for the day. I’m saving all my chores for my two weeks off (I’m now officially unemployed!) so that left a whole day for relaxing. I’m not the best relaxer, so I made some fresh pesto from my garden while Jonny watched movies and Patches napped on the couch this afternoon. 

I’ve never made pesto before, mostly because my basil plants have never survived the summer. This year I got tons of basil and, worried that frost was going to get to it before I could, I harvested about half of the plants this afternoon. I used the simplest pesto recipe I could find and I think it turned out rather well. I decided to freeze the pesto with the idea that I will be able to have fresh homemade pesto in the winter months. I lined a muffin try with some small muffin liners, and filled each with 2 tbsp of pesto, then popped the whole thing into the freezer. Once it is frozen I’ll transfer all of the individual servings to a plastic bag, and thaw them out one at a time when I need pesto for Greek Orzo Salad. Two cups of fresh basil makes about 20 tbsp of pesto (or 10 serving of salad).

I’m hoping to get another batch out of my plants, since I am now craving a slice of toasted multigrain bread smeared with fresh pesto and topped with tomatoes and mozza cheese. Jonny and I used to order it at the Sleepless Goat in Kingston when he’d come to visit and it may be one of my favorite brunch dishes ever.


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