While it is not unusual for people to place old bananas in the freezer to save for future baking needs, what is unusual around the MacDonald house is the number of bananas that make it into the freezer on a regular basis. I hate to waste food, but in my option bananas have a very short shelf life so sometimes upwards of 5 bananas will get frozen in a single week. Of course, there are many weeks where no bananas get frozen, but if you average 3 bananas a week, it doesn’t take long before you find this in your freezer:

Yes, that is a giant bag full of frozen bananas. I counted today and I have 50 bananas in the freezer. They are in a bag because that number of bananas poses a health risk when just shoved into a freezer – I’ve had several near misses when bananas have popped out of the freezer, and I’d hate to think of the damage a large frozen banana could do to a small cat when it drops from that height.

I’m sure even frozen bananas have a shelf life, so I have added “bake banana bread” to my ever growing to do list, as well as “clean basement freezer” to check if there are any more frozen bananas down there.


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