Fall Colours on Our Usual Dog Walk

It’s amazing that the leaves are already changing when it’s only the middle of September, and that a giant wind storm hasn’t come to blow them down yet. Today it wasn’t raining when the dog and I headed out to walk the route we refer to as “the loop”, so I took a few photos. I’m sure the colours can get better, since there are a lot of leaves left to change, but the chance that everything will get destroyed in the snow/rain they are predicting for the next while is enough to make me think I should enjoy it while I can.

As we do almost every day, Patches and I started our walk along the bluff near our house, looking out on the river, the mountains and Bowness. We’re happy we live so close to such a large urban park, and one that has off leash areas for Patches. It’s looking pretty nice at this time of the year, although Patches was too busy sniffing to take in the view. When the clouds lifted, I could see the snow on the mountains after all the cold and wet weather we’ve been having. 

All the bushes along the bluff are changing colour. Unlike the trees, you actually get colours other than yellow. Fall usually makes me miss Ontario just a little bit –  I love Ontario fall time. It also makes me miss road trips for some reason.

Patches and I ran along this hill yesterday after school but today, after all the running and walking already, we didn’t climb it. I like the combination of green, red and yellow after all the browns of summer. I spotted my first crocuses of spring on the sunny face of the hill, and really noticed the changing fall colours when I was there yesterday.

The leaves on this little poplar tree reminded me of my frozen banana collection. It’s too bad the fall weather makes me crave pumpkin muffins instead of banana! While I stopped to snap photos, Patches went off and found something to roll in. Luckily for me he chose something dry which didn’t stick to him, but I was still fairly ticked off.

There are still tons of leaves left to change. Some trees have changed, some haven’t at all, and some are working on a bit of both.

We finished off the walk by heading home along the river. Patches kept himself busy doing who knows what while I look a few photos of our path along the bank. Usually he waits for me somewhere along the trail, and I caught up to him here.

The walk took us about an hour (a little longer than normal) and has tired out the dog. He’s content to sprawl out on the couch, while I’ve got to go get ready to head back out into the fall weather for lawn bowling.


One thought on “Fall Colours on Our Usual Dog Walk

  1. I miss road trips at this time of the year too. I wonder if we don’ have some ancient migratory sense. I always want to travel in the fall and it is always back to Ontario.

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