The Cat Came Back

Today we lost Donnelly. Just for a little bit, maybe 45 minutes, when he slipped out of the not quite shut door without us noticing and took himself for an adventure. Luckily for us he planned his escape right around pet dinner time so it wasn’t as long as it could have been before we noticed his absence. I took a walk through the back alley calling his name, and by the time I’d circled around the block he’d apparently trotted up the back walk way and was waiting for me at home with Jonny and the dog. I’m glad he showed up on his own. Finding a small orange cat in a fall coloured, junk filled alley would have been difficult if the small orange cat hadn’t wanted to be found.

Donnelly’s adventures reminded me of a classic cartoon that I must have watched dozens and dozens of times as a child. We aren’t trying to get rid of Donnelly, but I couldn’t help but think about the adventures of another little orange cat in the NFB The Cat Came Back. I feel that Donnelly and that cat share a similar attitude towards life.


2 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back

  1. I think Donnelly has a lot in common with one of the cats from Mrs. Dingle…Dee Dee, Dum Dum and I can’t remember the other. I believe on was orange.

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