Sore Feet

Tonight my feet ache. It’s a combination of dress shoes at work and running/dog walking/walking to school that is causing the problem. But I can’t stop wearing shoes, just like I can’t stop walking the dog or going to school. And now that I just registered for my first half marathon in the middle of November, I can’t stop running either!

(I’ve found that if I’m not training for something I’m not running. So, we’ll always be in some stage of training for something.)


One thought on “Sore Feet

  1. You probably need some new insoles for your shoes, try out one of those new Doctor Scholls machines to find out which ones you might need, or see your favourite chiropractor.
    One of the best things you can do for yourself after a long day on your feet is to soak them in a dishpan of hot water with epsom salts and your favorite scent (french vanillas always nice) its even better if the man of the house gets it ready while you put them up! the ultimate pamper midweek!

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