Keeping the Running Going

It’s been almost a year since I started running again “for real” and I feel that I’m not doing too badly with the whole thing. I’m about halfway through my first half marathon training and have been thinking ahead to training for another marathon next spring. Running these distances (even though they are nowhere close to what I was running last spring) feels way better than when I started running last year. 10 miles isn’t easy, but it certainly doesn’t put me in the kind of pain it used to. 

Given that I felt my training has been going well, I was rather disappointed when I checked my running chart after today’s run and saw all the blank squares in weeks gone by. Every time I complete a run I colour in that day’s square on my running calendar so I can keep track of what I’m doing at a glance. When I don’t do a run it either gets a big black X or stays blank. It’s supposed to keep me on track and motivate me but apparently it isn’t working quite that well.

I thought I’d been doing pretty good since I decided to do this half marathon but the chart doesn’t lie – I haven’t had a single week where I have completed all of my scheduled training runs. I’ve been pretty good about doing my long runs – I’ve only missed one due to the cold – but it’s that mid-week run that keeps getting skipped. That’s why this week (as it should be every week) my goal is to complete all 3 of my remaining runs. No more excuses, substituting of dog walks or putting it off to tomorrow. And after I get through this week, I’ll try to do it again next week, and the week after, and so on. After all, isn’t that how a training plan is supposed to work?


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