Happy Thanksgiving Without The Turkey

(a bit late I know but I’ve got school projects and those get priority).

I had thought about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, I even had it and all sorts of turkey leftover dishes on the schedule, but when it came down to actually going out to buy one I just never did. Instead, we made roasted butternut squash soup and fresh bread for our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

Jonny did the majority of the squash soup making, I just popped in to give directions now and again, so the delicious orange soup we ate for dinner was all his doing. Not finding the perfect squash soup recipe anywhere, he combined a few ideas from several to produce his soup. Two butternut squash were roasted in the oven for about an hour and then peeled and mashed. A bulb of garlic, three carrots and six Roma tomatoes were also roasted in the oven until golden (about 1/2 hour). An onion was diced and sautéed and then the roasted vegetables were added to the pot. Since I don’t own a hand blender, batches of the soup were pureed in the regular blender until the soup was smooth. About 1 litre of home-made veggie broth, a large splash of milk and some chicken stock were added to thin it out. Then it was served up, seasoned with a little salt and pepper.

I contributed to the meal by making this cheesy garlic batter bread. I picked it because it could be made in the kitchen aid, required only one rising and still promised to taste like “real” bread. I’m leery of any bread recipe where I don’t proof the yeast and it hadn’t puffed up a lot at the end of the hour of rising but it turned out lovely (it kept rising in the oven, I’m just a worrier).  

Looking at our dinner table we both agreed that we’d prepared the perfect dinner with a lot less fuss and work than if we’d gone with a bird. The soup was excellent, the bread was moist and perfect for dipping, and the few cherry tomatos from our late blooming plant were a nice reminder of summer. I think the only one who missed the turkey was Patches.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving Without The Turkey

  1. Sounds a wonderful thanksgiving, and reminds me of our Christmas two years ago when Sarah spent it with us for the first time since college. With the late night arrival of Sarah on Christmas eve, and our usual one at time present opening taking turns to make the Gift giving last well into the afternoon with lots of stories, and appreciations, We the family, much to Dads disappointment decided it was much to much work and stress to do the traditional Christmas dinner and chose instead to have Ben produce his magnificent curry with rice so Sarah could sample his culinary creation before she returned to the Island.
    Christmas was still Christmas in a unique stressless appreciative celebration, and our Boxing day meal became the traditional turkey and trimmings meal with a lot less stress much group preparation and enjoyment.
    Our family went its separate ways that year with a much greater sense of connection.
    I am sure your Thanksgiving was as thankful for your appreciation and creatively simple autumn meal!

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