Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I’d planned on making these sweet potato gnocchi for dinner last night, but ended up leaving it to tonight since I was invited to dine elsewhere. It was actually a good thing that I started prep last night, because cooking the sweet potatoes took a bit longer than the recipe said and I was already rushed tonight after voting, walking the dog and then running by myself. I felt sort of like a fancy chef when I took all my little dishes of pre-prepared ingredients out of the fridge tonight and just had to mix things together.

Making the gnocchi was actually pretty easy, just mash everything together, but it was time-consuming to roll and cut out all the little dumplings. Still, after cooking the potatoes and draining the ricotta last night, it only look about an hour to make the dough and roll the gnocchi.  I’ve got LOTS of extra gnocchi in the freezer for future dinners now too.

I cooked up a few for dinner, and I think they were pretty tasty. I made the brown butter sage sauce for them (because I love sage), which was very good but also very rich. Maybe too rich for a weeknight dinner, but would be good served in a small batch.  

After such a butter rich dinner, a cup of fresh mint tea was about all I could handle for dessert. I’m happy the mint plant has survived the last few big frosts!


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