Just One of Those Days

This morning was my biggest run of my training program. I figured I’d run a half marathon this week, because I think it’s a bit strange not to run your race distance, at least when it’s “only” 13.1 miles. It was a good run – 1:59:54 – and I didn’t feel too bad afterwards.  I hope the real thing goes as well in three weeks. I realize I’m not fast, but I’m consistent, so I’m hoping for any time less than 2 hrs.

Even though the run wasn’t too bad, I am still tired (and keep forgetting why I’m tired, and wondering to myself “why am I so tired?”). And it’s when you’re tired that every thing seems to get just a little bit worse.

Like when I put the cat outside, on his rope, and then found him jumping halfway up the door, trying to get into the house through the mail slot. He was quite frantic, frantic enough to have broken his rope and be jumping up at a door to get my attention. Something must have scared him, but not been scary enough for the dog (who was also outside) to care. We now have a broken mail slot, maybe we’ll actually get around to covering it up for the winter now. The cat has recovered, but we’ve agreed to stop his training program until he is for sure mentally stable. He’s been scratching at the door frame, so we’ve been spraying him with the plant spritzing bottle. He must have been sprayed a lot in his past, because he responds to the act of being spritzed, even if no water actually comes out of the bottle. He does this cute little thing where he blinks rapidly when you reach for the bottle. It hasn’t stopped him from scratching yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

After the cat incident, I spilled a cup of tea on the floor, splashed a bowl of hot soup on my hand, and broke my computer. Yeah, the computer with all my school work on it, including a presentation that I had just finished. I’m hoping after a little rest the computer will come back to life, or I can at least get my data off it. It is the only time I’ve even been glad that I didn’t do all the work I was supposed to have done by now, and that mostly everything else has been submitted in paper copy (worst case is now I just retype it). I still called Jon in tears. I will have to make a list of everything that is lost, and redo what I need to. I hope that my memory is good enough to recreate my notes on my upcoming projects and locate everything else I need to. I’m at fault for not backing it up, but it still sucks and only adds to the mountain of work I had to do already.

After that things didn’t get any worse – I redid the presentation, got the house cleaned, got groceries and finally got dinner made around 8 pm. Not exactly how I had planned the day but you know, there is always tomorrow…


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