I Love Thursdays

because now that I’m a student I only have school 4 days a week. As much fun as being at my practicum school is, I still really like having my Fridays off. Another plus to it being a Thursday is that I don’t have to run! A month ago when I realized I wasn’t running as much as I should have been I switched up my running days so I get all three of my shorter runs in at the beginning of the week, freeing up Thursdays. Knowing that I have tomorrow off and not having to run gives me a lot more time for fun things.

The weather was fantastic today so the pets and I spent our after school time outside enjoying it. I got all the gardens ready for winter and in the process found another catnip plant (which I swear wasn’t there last time I looked). Donnelly was very excited – this is the second catnip plant that has been discovered in the yard and there might be more out there.

After that Patches and I did one of my favorite walks – where we cruise the back alleys of the neighbourhood. I find it fascinating to see what people have in their backyards because it often is quite different from the front of the house and Patches loves alleys because of squirrels, cats and garbage. Our neighborhood has (I think) quite exciting back alleys and there is always something new going on. In fact, there are a few houses I’ll have to walk past again in a couple of weeks to see how things are progressing.

And after all that outdoor time I was craving this spicy sauce and poached eggs dinner. I didn’t have any fresh hot peppers, so I just used some hot pepper flakes and it was certainly spicy enough. I like to serve it on rice and made enough sauce for the next time I crave it.

And to top off what has been quite an enjoyable day I picked up a new library book on the way home from school which I plan to read in bed with a cup of herbal tea. The perfect way to get ready for my last long run tomorrow.


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