Drain Repairs and Christmas Lights

Our eaves and drainage system are in bad repair around most of the house. This drain has fallen off several times, most recently about two weeks ago when things got really windy. We didn’t want to have to fix it again when the weather got cold so we did a real fix this time, instead of just propping it up like we’ve been doing all summer. We probably should have done this months ago when we were still using our rain barrel and drainage system. But, better late than never right?

There is no before picture because before this the drain pipe just hung out in space and was held together with bungee cords. That probably explains why it never stayed together.

After seeing how awesome this worked we briefly considered redoing the other drain pipe coming off the roof. Then we remember that hail damage from the summer storm means we have to re-do the roof and waiting until next summer to fix anything that wasn’t really broken would be fine. This gave us time to put up the Christmas lights. Which I know its super early, but it’s so much more pleasant when it isn’t -10C and snowing. We still don’t have snow, and it was warm enough to be out without gloves on this afternoon. We had a few technical difficulties so I was glad not to be standing out in the cold holding a ladder for hours. Now when December rolls around we just have to go outside and hook up the power.


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