First Run of Winter

It’s stopped snowing but it’s still chilly here in Calgary. All week I’ve been using “recovering from my half marathon” as an excuse not to go running but it’s been five days and I don’t think it’s valid any more. So, today Patches and I bundled up and went for a short run, a sort of re-introduction to winter running.

I find the transition from running in shorts (last week) to wanting to run in a parka (today) hard. It takes a few tries to get the winter running outfit figured out for the various temperature ranges. It was -20C-ish at run time, so I bundled up more than I hope I usually have to.

On the bottom went my ever stylish winter running tights, wool socks and my trail runners. I only run in trail runners (which got me a few comments on the half marathon course) and they are pretty good winter running shoes.

On the top went a silk shirt, a medium weight icebreaker long sleeve and my heavy weight icebreaker long sleeve. I topped it off with my new jacket. Before I went running in the jacket I tried it on with a ton of layers underneath just to make sure it wasn’t too tight. It’s snug, but if it was any bigger I think it would be too baggy.

I wore a fleecy balaclava, fleece toque, liner gloves and mittens on the remaining exposed parts. Now that I don’t do winter field work I raided my field gear stash and found tons of great items for running and playing in the snow. Why I never used them before now is a mystery.

Patches wore his muttluks to keep his feet warm. He hates them.

I think all the layers worked – I was toasty warm on the run (even at the sluggish pace Patches wanted to go at). I loved the new jacket, especially the cut out that allows me to have my garmin watch inside the jacket sleeve but still peek at it and not expose my wrists to the cold.

While I am not excited about winter running, I think I’m at least prepared this year. I’m hoping to do a longer run on the weekend and start back into running. With all those Christmas treats approaching, now certainly isn’t the time to stop exercising.


2 thoughts on “First Run of Winter

  1. Where did you get Patches muttluks?
    the booties I have for Tommy worked well the first time we went out, but I must not have snugged his from paws enough the second time and we lost his front pair. recovered one yesterday but still haven’t found the other front one. I don’t want to go back to the balloon type as his feet sweat so while he doesn’t get snow balls between his toes and pads, they still get cold in this weather.

    1. We got them in Calgary at Fairplay Pet Store. They are a bit harder to put on than other boots but certainly don’t come off!

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