The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt – 2010

When we’re at our home for the holidays we like to go out into “the woods” and cut down our own Christmas tree. When I was a kid we always went out to cut down the tree and it’s a tradition I’d like to keep going. I purchased the tree permit last week and today we went to get the tree.

It was the perfect day for Christmas tree hunting – a little chilly and lightly snowing. The forests are pretty all dusted with snow and the chill kept us from sweating too much as we tramped along in search of the right tree. There was a lot more snow than when we went out in 2006 and even though it’s harder to walk in, I like it better that way.

Christmas tree hunting isn’t easy because every tree in the forest looks like a Charlie Brown tree and  it takes a while to find one worth bringing home. We walked over to a lot of trees that looked good from a distance but were too thin, too tall or too uneven up close. Patches loves being out in the snow and we let him run wild while we checked out trees. Even with all the bad trees out there, it only took about an hour (and a little luck) before we found a suitable tree, cut it down and started to hauled it back to the car.

We’d walked further than we thought and the tree was heavier (and taller) than we’d thought but we made it back to the car and toasted our successful hunt with ginger cookies and hot tea as we drove home.

The tree is a perfect fit in the house and was quickly set up and decorated.  It makes everything feel so much more like Christmas now that the tree is here. All my snowflake ornaments look lovely and the cat seems to be leaving the tree alone for now. I think it’s actually one of our better trees! I’m looking forward to enjoying the tree now that we’re both on vacation and have more time for things like siting and watching a tree.


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