Cat Bed

Donnelly has been very jealous of Patches and his bed since we brought a new one into the house a few months ago. It seemed a bit unfair that the dog had a special bed and the cat didn’t so I decided that I would make Donnelly a new bed for Christmas and even things up.

To make a cat bed I followed Pretty Little Things instructions for a doggie bed, sizing it for Donnelly based on the rough approximation that he could sleep in a round laundry bin. I used some leftover black fleece for the sleeping part and a scrap of patterned fabric for the bottom. It was stuffed with the filling from two old pillows. I had the bed finished in one evening, stuffed and everything.

Even though the bed is a Christmas present I decided it was silly to put it under the tree so Donnelly got it as soon as it was finished. It took a few days for Donnelly to warm up to the new bed, but now he spends many happy hours curled up in it. He’s been sleeping on our bed a little less and I think that’s because he’s got an awesome new bed of his own!


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