Miles Ran, Miles Still to Run

I was inspired by another post to figure out how many miles I ran in 2010. 2010 was a big year for me and running – my first marathon, my first half marathon and the first year since 2004 where I ran consistently(ish). I figured with all the training I had to have covered some distance so I added up all the running I did (based on my Garmin), added in the half marathon where I didn’t have my watch and came up with 687 miles in 2010.

Which was a surprise to me because it’s not as many as I would have expected. While I’m certainly not disappointed with the mileage, it did make me curious – should I have been able to reasonably run more miles or is almost 700 miles really what a good year of running looks like for me?

A monthly look at my mileage showed me pretty quick why the number was what it was – a huge drop in mileage once I finished marathon training.  Not just a regular drop from marathon training to staying in shape running, but a drop to 4 miles a month in July. That’s one run! May, June and August weren’t much better, less than 20 miles a month (excluding the marathon). I always plan on running less in the summer but once a month is taking it a bit too easy.

The other thing I noticed was how few of my marathon training runs I actually completed – only 36 out of 52 planned (or 277 miles out of 390). About the same for my half marathon – 39 out of 52 (but I was much more consistent for the last 6 weeks). That’s around 70% of the planned distance for both races. I have nothing to compare this to, but it seems a bit low. A few weeks in the field, a trip to the Dominican and a missed run once every week or so really do add up! 

So, after looking at all that I’ve pretty sure I could have run a little bit more – even completing 90% of my training runs would have increased my mileage by about 120 miles – but I think things went well for what they were (two great races and I still fit into my clothing!). And that’s more than I’ve run in years, so it’s better than 2009 😉

I’d like to do a bit better in 2011, just because I’m curious about how my half marathon and marathon will go if I train a little more – faster? slower? no change?

On a current running note: tomorrow is my last run before my marathon training program starts – the weather forecast is for snow and -19C tomorrow. It was so cold yesterday that we considered running snow pants – winter running at its finest!


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