Winter Running

We’re still in that cold freeze – today and yesterday were below -25C with windchill. On Friday I still really, really wanted to go running but sometimes it is so much harder to convince yourself just to get outside than it is to actually be out there. I waited until 10:30 am and then it took me almost 30 minutes to find the right clothes and get enough layers on so that I wasn’t freezing. I had to dig out a second pair of long underwear because my legs have been turning a horrible shade of red (and white) when I’m outside running. I put clothes on, I took them off, I messed around with my Garmin and when the dog and I  finally got outside I realized I’d left my mittens in the house and go back for them.

Even with the cold and snow the dog and I had a great time – Patches is loving the cold weather and getting to be off-leash and I love that I can go out for 7 miles and see no one else. Our footprints were the only ones out there when I looped around a second time. The dog and I weren’t fast and I wasn’t fast even after I dropped the dog off but that’s what a long slow run is for, right?

Jonny and I went out again today to make up for a run we missed on Thursday (it was just so cold) and while the sunshine gave the illusion that it was warm outside we were both glad that we only had to go for 30 minutes. The river was beautiful and again it was just us and the dog but I’m still looking forward to not having to run until Monday when hopefully the weather has changed!

(I am so happy that I was given so much great winter running gear this year – the jacket, mittens and shoe grippy things have been awesome this week!)


One thought on “Winter Running

  1. Those grippy things look great. I should have bought some for myself. Yak trax just seem to collect a lot of snow. Snow… which we seem to have a lot of for a change in Hinton.

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