Spinach for Breakfast

I’ve started drinking these as part of my breakfast –

It’s called a green monster and even though the ingredient list seems a little ugh, they are actually tasty. I’m not a raw spinach fan but it tastes different in this smoothie – really, you should try it! I don’t eat a lot of fruit and veggies outside of dinner time so this really helps me get all those required servings in and makes me feel a little better about my eating. They are so easy I can make one while I wait for my tea to steep and take it to drink in class to keep the mid-morning munchies at bay. Frozen banana, large handful of spinach, a little milk and sometimes some frozen cranberries into the magic bullet and a few minutes later – ta da!

Another positive to drinking these is that every morning that I make one there is one less frozen banana in our freezer – if I keep this up I might actually get rid of the backlog of frozen bananas!


3 thoughts on “Spinach for Breakfast

  1. What a great idea for frozen bananas! Ihave a few in my freezer and now that John has brought back my blender, I can get back in to fruit smoothies. I was using a green powder blend but it has a one or two items I’m allergic to, going back to fresh homemade will be much better.

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