Lunch Bag

I must be getting better because I had the energy to go to the vet, do some school work and sew a new lunch bag today. I can’t imagine what I’ll be capable of tomorrow!

For the longest while I had been using a (free) Lululemon bag for my lunch like tons of other people. But a couple of weeks ago I broke a glass jar of yogurt in my bag and decided that it just wasn’t worth it to remove all the sticky shards of glass so I replaced it with a plastic grocery bag. Just as liquid proof but way less attractive.

Today, as a present to myself for finishing 3/4 of a year of school, I replaced that plastic grocery bag with a pretty new lunch bag which is the perfect fit for a sandwich sized Tupperware:

The bag is lined with ripstop nylon leftover from some outdoor gear making and has a roll-top closure and a little handle so that I can carry it from the classroom to the staff room easily. I always bring a packed lunch to school, so I know this bag will get lots of use.

It can be thrown in the washing machine or just wiped out (thanks to the water-resistant inner layer) and is made from recycled fabric scraps so it cost me $0 to make. So practical!


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