Last year during my marathon training I posted a lot about food because all I thought about was food. This year I thought maybe I had the food cravings beat because my appetite has been pretty normal and I haven’t been rummaging in the cupboards at all hours looking for food. But then I put in a 30 mile week last week (finally!) and now I can’t stop thinking about food.

Food cravings are probably the part I hate most about training. For all my complaining, the running at -30C only lasts for the duration of the run but the cravings last all day. I am constantly looking forward to my next meal. In fact, I’ve had to stop reading the food blogs I normally check because every time I read a recipe or see a photo I have to fight the urge to run to the kitchen and eat something. I get a little bit grumpy when snack time rolls around at school and I have to wait 15 minutes longer than the kids for my snack. And I’m starting to think that a post-dinner dinner sound like a really good idea (who cares if eating right before bed isn’t good for you).

I know there is no cure for the hunger but hopefully I can control myself for another 10 weeks!


One thought on “Ravenous

  1. Nutritionally dense food for a long distance runner is a must. If you don’t eat sufficient to replace what your body is using to run, it will start to use the muscle which will undermine your health, and your stamina. Check with a nutritionist who works with long distance runners to see where you can bump up your calorie levels to meet your body’s needs, Shifting the major calorie intake into morning and lunch meals so those calories are available throughout the day rather than at the latter end of the day will probably go a long way towards reducing the constant all day craving for food. Good luck with your running, and while running marathons is a wonderful challenge, remember to balance your life challenges towards who you want to be in life with all your other interests and goals!

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