Fremont Street

For our last day in Vegas we decided to follow my parent’s recommendation and head downtown to Fremont Street. After a lazy morning at our hotel we headed north on the strip, stopping into the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace to have a look around.

We walked up the strip as far north as the Sahara before hoping onto the bus. The strip really quieted down after the Wynn and there wasn’t much to see(plus it was 30C!). For $7 you can get a 24 hour bus pass which lets you travel up and down the strip, to Fremont and to the outlet malls. You can’t buy tickets at all the stops but it’s still pretty convenient.

The bus dropped us off on Fremont St. around 4:30, which meant things were quiet (the light show doesn’t start until 8pm). I enjoyed the break from the crowds and we had lots of time to check out the casinos and sights. We looked at the neon signs in the Neon Museum, I lost $1 playing the slot machines at the Golden Nugget and we drank a frozen margarita (which was $3 less on Fremont than it would have been on the strip).

By the time we’d had dinner it had gotten busy on the street and we decided to head back towards the covered section to see the first light show. During the evening (first show at 8 pm) a free light and sound show is put on – the street is covered with a giant screen and pictures that go along with a song are shown. It’s pretty neat!

We only stuck around for one show because we had an early flight the following morning but since they change the song and pictures every hour it would have been fun if we’d had the time to see another one. A visit to Fremont St. was a great way to end our trip – if you’re in Vegas definitely check it out!


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