A Bunch of Stuff

It has been a long time since I last posted and I could come up with a ton of excuses but really it’s just that I haven’t felt like it. Because of my lack of recent writing I’ve got a few items to update on so here we go!

1. Running
Yes, I am still running and training. I feel like I’ve been marathon training forever but that’s probably because I’m doing a full 18 week training program (unlike last year) and I added in an extra week while we were in Vegas. So it hasn’t just felt like a long time, it has actually been a long time. I can see the end though – Saturday was my second (and final) 20 mile run so I’m in the home stretch now! I like to break up my really long runs (I find it mentally easier) so I did a 12 mile run, then quick stop at the house to eat the head off a chocolate bunny and finished with another 8 miles. It took me 3:08:30 of running or a 9:24/mile pace. I’m pretty happy with that since it is only a little slower than my goal marathon pace. Three weeks of taper ahead!

2. The Garden and House
We have been working pretty hard on the gardens and yard this past week. That giant pile of dirt has been distributed and all of the gardens are ready for planting. Jonny thinned the hedges and moved all of last year’s hedge trimmings to the dump and then while I was out running on Saturday he got rid of all the hedge pieces from this year. I’m lucky to have such a hard working husband.
We also installed a second composter and another rain barrel to help with our sustainable gardening. The newest rain barrel looks a little tacky but the recent rain showers have proved that it works. With all the extra gardens we’re going to need the additional water and the rain barrel is perfectly positioned to water our newest vegetable bed.

We haven’t placed anything out into the gardens yet, but the annuals are doing well. The rhubarb has leaves and I think that I can have fresh chives and oregano whenever I want now.

3. The Seeds
The seed cage has filled up now that we’ve added kale, brocoli, swiss chard and zucchini sprouts. Tonight I started the last veggies that will get an indoor head start – beans. We planted over 50 pole and bush bean seeds and I can’t wait to see how they come up. So far we’ve had really good success with the seeds we ordered from West Coast Seeds and because of the number of seeds you get in a package we probably won’t need to order more than a few items next year. I hope to start planting seeds outside by next weekend (carrots, lettuce and peas) and we’ve already started hardening off the sprouts for their move outdoors at the end of the month(ish).

4. Other
I started my summer job this week which is one of the reasons I’ve been so busy. It’s going well and I’m enjoying the change from school. I also got a really good deal on a staff bus pass which makes the 45 minute commute by bus a little more bearable since I know I’m saving $$. I’m going to have to drive in July and August but right now the money I’ve saved by not having to drive will pay for my hot yoga membership.
I’ve only been back to hot yoga once since I started work but my goal is 10 times a month (2-3 times a week). Yoga tells me exactly how well I’m fueling and hydrating my body and helps to stretch out those tight running muscles.

Well, that’s not it but I’m sure that’s enough. I need a long, hot soak to loosen up my calves and some reading time to tackle the next book club book!


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