Marathon Training Recap

The big day is almost here! I can’t believe that I’m actually going to have to run this marathon tomorrow.  After trying not to think about it for the past week, I am now panicking about it. I’m stressing over the little pre-race details – what to wear, what to eat and when to get there – but I’m trying to keep it in mind that I did the training and I’ll be fine.

Speaking of training, I thought I’d do a little training recap (something I didn’t do last time) to see what I actually did the in past four months. Here it goes:

The Miles
Number of Running Planned: 93
Number of Runs Completed: 68
Amount of Time Spent Running: 74.5 hrs

Miles Planned: 592
Miles Run: 444
Miles Run With Another Person to Talk To: 41
Highest Monthly Milage: 155 miles

Longest Training Run: 20 miles
Shortest Training Run: 2 miles
Slowest Training Mile: 12:41 min/mile
Fastest Training Mile: 7:46 min/mile

The Body
Weight Change: + 5 lbs
Number of Injuries: 1
Number of Injuries Due to Running: 0
Number of Toe Nails Lost: 0
Number of Serious Blisters: 0

Number of Chocolate Easter Bunnies Consumed on Training Runs: 1
Number of Actual Runner Type Fuels Consumed on Training Runs: none
Temperature Difference Between My Coldest and Hottest Runs: ~50C
Race Night Meal: BLTs with cheese and avocado + birthday cake

 So, there we go. All that’s left is to run this thing!


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