First Post-Marathon Run and Barley Salad

Today was my first post-marathon run. Even though I was really sore right after the marathon it didn’t stick around and by yesterday I was feeling like I needed to get some exercise. I know you’re supposed to take it easy, so I planned to do 2 miles after work with Patches at whatever pace he wanted to go.

I planned the run to go by what Jonny and I have been pretty sure is a wild asparagus plant but hasn’t shown any signs of asparagus yet this spring. I stopped to check as I ran past and much to my surprise there was a finger sized asparagus spear poking out! I was so excited to show Jonny that I ran back home and made him follow me and dog on his bike to see the asparagus. This little detour added an extra mile, so we ended up with 3 miles (which I’m sure is still an ok recovery run).

We’re trying to clean up our eating after some pre-marathon treat binging (which I realise was a terrible idea) so dinner tonight was a barley salad that we sampled at the asparagus festival on the weekend. I used quick cooking barley, but regular barley (or even another grain) would work. I served it with some BBQed tofu and it was excellent.

This salad and getting to wear jeans to work tomorrow will help me get through the final day of this very long week. Yay for Fridays!


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