A Short Garden Update

Things are actually happening in the garden! Everything that we planted in the first round of seeding has come up and even if things aren’t growing as fast as I’d like they are still growing.

The original rhubarb is almost ready to start eating. It’s way bigger than it was last year, which is great because you can never really have too much.

The new rhubarb is also doing well for having been transplanted only last fall. I think it must be a different kind of rhubarb since the leaves look different and it is taking longer to ripen.

On the deck the cilantro has sprouted (even though I had my doubts) and we’ll just have to see what happens from here. I purchased mint and basil plants that were already started so the herb garden is well on its way.

The veggies have also sprouted – chard, carrots, beets and lettuce are up in the south part of the yard while carrots, lettuce and peas all sprouted in the north bed.

The beans (most of them anyways) have moved outside and are at least surviving. I’m hoping with some hot weather they will do a bit more than that. We finished building a tall lathe fence for them to grow up, so now they just need to grow!

And finally our asparagus crown have sprouted! I was starting to stress a little bit since they should have been up in about 10 days but I just needed to be patient. All of the plants have at least one spear, and a few even have three or four now. The asparagus seedlings are still alive and have even started to put out new shoots.

It’s so exciting to watch things actually grow after all our work to build the new gardens this spring. I can’t wait to see where everything is in another month – maybe we’ll even be eating some of it!


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