Where I Run: Bowmont Park

What I love about the summer is that I can return to trail running. All the ice is off the hills and with all the rain everything looks lush and beautiful. We are so lucky to live close by the river and a huge natural area. Patches and I have our usual 3 mile after work running route through the park.

Patches loves it because he gets to swim. It has to be pretty hot for me to even wade in the river, but Patches goes in even on rainy days.

The river is really high right now (because all it does is rain) so I’m a little worried that my river-side trail might soon wash away. The river bank collapses a little bit every year.

The wild asparagus grows along the river bank and I always stop to check on it when I run or walk by. Today there was one giant spear.

In the past few months the dog and I have started taking a new trail to get from the river to the top of the hills. It’s only about a quarter mile, but is a more scenic route to where we want to go.

I hate climbing hills but I’m working on it, and the top is just so beautiful.

Depending on how far we want to run, we’ll do a variety of loops on the top of the hill before heading back down to the river.

Right now the flowers are in bloom and it’s quite pretty. Usually it dries later in the summer, but right now it’s green.

I run back the same way along the river so the dog can have another swim and then we walk the last quarter mile home.

With the dog (who isn’t the fastest runner) it’s the perfect after work run.



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