Mini Garden Update

It was not raining tonight (a departure from our usual weather this month) so I headed out to pull a few weeds and see how the veggies were surviving. Most things don’t seem to be enjoying the wet weather, but I think there has been a lot of progress since I last wrote about the garden.

The cilantro plants have put out real leaves since I last photographed them. I can’t wait for them to grow bigger so I can make fresh salsa.

The mint is loving the wet weather and both plants are taking off. Once we get a clear night I’ll be able to sit on the deck with a mint lemonade.

The south veggie bed is actually starting to resemble a vegetable garden instead of a bunch of scraggly weeds. Beans and peas in the north bed are still doing OK – none have died yet. Asparagus crowns are starting to leaf out.

Our zucchini plants aren’t big, but there are much bigger than last year. I have no idea if they will produce fruit but right now things look promising.

 With all the sucess there are failures – our basil looks limp and sad; the kale is refusing to grow and the brocoli hasn’t done a thing. Those artichokes haven’t died but haven’t really grown either. I haven’t given up hope of anything happening (it is only June) but some of the veggies need to step it up!


2 thoughts on “Mini Garden Update

  1. I’m considering tenting plastic over my raised beds for a week or so to help keep the heat in for the night, hopefully this will encourage my seedlings to grow a little faster. Our beets and carrots have sprouted as well as my marigold companion plantings that I have seeded along the outside edges of my beds. I want to put natursium around or along side the potato plants as well but can’t remember if I put marigold sbetween and since the potato bed has only six to eight inches of soil and composted matter leaving a good foot and a half of space to top dress ever couple of weeks (next week) perhaps I will hold off on any further plantings in that bed 🙂

    Your beds are looking A1, mine as yet are full of weeds as well as seedlings 🙂

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