Yet Another Zucchini Update

I am mildly obsessed with my zucchini plants these days. Everyday they get visibly bigger, and it’s exciting to come home after work and see how much they’ve grown. It’s only been a week since I last posted about the zucchini and check out how big it is now:

And yes, that is a zucchini growing there. In fact, I’ve got several on the go – all four of the zucchini plants have begun to produce fruit in the past week. I’ve been hand pollinating this year to make sure that fruit forms and so far it’s working. I feel a little silly going out every morning and swabbing the flowers with a q-tip but it’s worth it to see fruit on the plants!

It’s an eight-ball zucchini so it’s supposed to be round like that and it is almost ready for picking!


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