Summer Sides

It’s our sixth wedding anniversary today and I had wanted to prepare something special for dinner tonight. We thought all day on what we wanted but couldn’t think of anything to eat as a main dish. Instead of cooking something just for the sake of having a traditional dinner, we made a meal of some summery side dishes instead. It was the perfect idea, especially since we were having a rare for Calgary +25C day!

Jonny made a huge batch of our favourite salsa which we ate while sitting in the sun on the deck. The garden produced this

So, inspired by this recipe, I took these

and this

(our first, and maybe only, cucumber this year)

added some mushrooms from the SPUD bin and made this salad:

Our bin also came with some corn this week, which Jonny BBQed and then served with salt and butter.

A perfect meal to eat on the deck on maybe one of our last very summery evenings.


One thought on “Summer Sides

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We were just thinking about your wedding yesterday and what beautiful weather it was. A very similar weekend. What a lot has happened in the ensuing 6 years.

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