Summer Sides

It’s our sixth wedding anniversary today and I had wanted to prepare something special for dinner tonight. We thought all day on what we wanted but couldn’t think of anything to eat as a main dish. Instead of cooking something just for the sake of having a traditional dinner, we made a meal of some summery side dishes instead. It was the perfect idea, especially since we were having a rare for Calgary +25C day!

Jonny made a huge batch of our favourite salsa which we ate while sitting in the sun on the deck. The garden produced this

So, inspired by this recipe, I took these

and this

(our first, and maybe only, cucumber this year)

added some mushrooms from the SPUD bin and made this salad:

Our bin also came with some corn this week, which Jonny BBQed and then served with salt and butter.

A perfect meal to eat on the deck on maybe one of our last very summery evenings.


1 thought on “Summer Sides”

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We were just thinking about your wedding yesterday and what beautiful weather it was. A very similar weekend. What a lot has happened in the ensuing 6 years.

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