Half Marathon Training Week 3

Previous training posts: Week 1, Week 2

Three weeks have really flown by and we’re already at the end of August! I’ve noticed over the past week that despite the heat the signs of fall are creeping up. There is starting to be yellow in the trees and a few leaves have started to fall along the running trail:

Monday: weights + 4 miles
I’m not usually a morning workout person, but on Monday I lifted weights before work (because I knew I wouldn’t have time after work) and really enjoyed it. After work the dog and I ran 2.5 miles together and I finished off the last 1.5 by myself.

Tuesday: rest (ultimate frisbee)

Wednesday: weights + 3 miles
I weight lifted again before work and I think I might make it a habit! It’s the perfect amount to fill that half hour I’d usually spend just hanging out. I ran at lunch and while it was OK it wasn’t great. 

Thursday: 5 miles
Patches did three of these with me (his longest run in a while) and then I did two on my own. It’s been so hot that usually we spend a little time wading in the river and this run was no exception,

Friday: 3 miles
My last lunch time run 😦 I finished work on Friday and won’t be able to run on lunch now that I’m back at school.

Saturday: 9 miles
It was cooler this week than last weekend for my long run. I ran a nice loop along the river and even though I was tired it felt like a good run. I averaged 9:15/mile which I think is almost the perfect long run pace for my racing goals.

Sunday: rest
We spent most of the day canning and a little more time wading in the river .

Weekly Total: 24 miles and 2 strength workouts

My goal for this upcoming training week is to get back to yoga at least once (I’m really aiming for two times)!


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