Star Trails – Second Attempt

I was super excited about another chance to try photographing star trails on our weekend away at the cabin, especially since that weekend was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately it happened to be a full moon as well. The full moon over the lake looked amazing, but it meant that conditions were poor for both viewing the shower and taking star trail shots.

Even though I knew it would be bright out, I gave it a try anyways. I changed to f/4, ISO 200 and, on some advice a photographer friend, focused my shot before the sun went down. This is what happened after just 15 seconds of exposure:

I tried again a little later in the evening, and here’s how my second attempt at star trails turned out:

You can sort of see the star trails on the left and I’m (more) in focus than last time. Sadly, with 10 minutes exposure it looks like I’m shooting in the daylight. Looks like there will have to be at least a third attempt at this project…


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