End of the Month: August

I’m a little sad that August is over already – it’s my favourite of the summer months and it never lasts long enough. This August was busy: I celebrated my 29th birthday, we spent two weekends at the cabin and Jonny and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. There was also frisbee, lots of lawn bowling, trips down to the river to cool off and plenty of fresh produce eaten. Even with all that I still managed to cross a few items of the 2011 Goals list this month!

Run a (nother) marathon – After most of the summer off, I’m back training for another half-marathon. I just finished week three of training and am really enjoying it. I’m doing things a little differently than by last half-marathon with more yoga and weights in the mix. This month I ran 88 miles on my new training plan.

Take 5 photos a week for the whole year – 20 photos this month. My mini-goal from last month was to take more people photos this month – I took zero so this was a total fail!

Stop Biting My Nails – Let’s just call this one a work in progress.

Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011 – I’m not sure this goal is going to happen since summer time is almost over and we haven’t fit that canoe trip in. We did get out backpacking at the beginning of the month and in July we went camping, so at least I’m halfway there!

Try something new once a month –in August I visited two new farmers markets in search of the perfect canning vegetables and we tried a new restaurant in our little neighbourhood.

Take a photograph of the night sky – I did take several star trail shots but I’m not fully satisfied with any of them. My photos were a little blurry the first time I tried, and a full moon wiped out the start trails on my second attempt. If I get another trip out of the city while the weather is still warm I plan to try again!

Go on a picnic for picnic sake – I really thought I’d get this one done this month but no luck. September might be my last chance for the year!

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – If we ignore the canning, I think we’re good. We still living off the CSA and our garden so grocery costs have been minimal.

Cook one meal a week as a family – We made all those dishes for our anniversary, a great dinner at the cabin, grilled garlic scapes and just the other night we cooked a lovely steak dinner together.


Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – I rode my bike to yoga the other day and remembered how much I enjoy biking places. Hopefully I get out on it more than I have been though…

Increase my backyard food production/eat locally – Done and done! We just received our 8th CSA share and the garden has been more productive than ever so I’d say that we’ve successfully increased backyard food production and decreased the distance our food has to travel. 

Read 52 Books in a Year – I read 6 books this month so August was a bigger reading month! I’m back at school now so my evenings will have a little more school work but hopefully I can keep up with my reading.

In September I’m looking forward to things slowing down a little so that I can spend more time doing the human version of this:


3 thoughts on “End of the Month: August

  1. Yeh it was meant to be reminder NOT to put the fingers in the mouth, thats why a tension ball is better as a distraction or outlet for stress, do you do any private journaling? sometimes this can give and outlet to the tensions which cause nailchewing, Also putting a pair of clippers, and slender, emery board in your purse, car, pants pocket to deal with hang nails, cracked nails , split and torn nails, can go a long way to bringing nail biting to an end. Also go for a hand massage and manicure every couple of weeks, or month can help look after your hand and help relieve unconcious stresses.

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