More Canning – Beets

Our beets have grown a lot since we harvested the first ones so we figured it was time to do something with them. Our cylindra beets were as big as we thought they’d get, so we pulled them (and a few chioggia) to can.

We pulled up enough beets to fill the harvest basket and put the greens in a milk crate to wash and freeze for later. There are still lots of chioggia out in the garden for fresh beet eating!

Canning beets isn’t hard, but it took us most of the afternoon. The beets needed to be scrubbed, boiled for 15 minutes, have the skins removed, diced, packed into jars and then pressure canned for 30 minutes. I’d never used a pressure canner before but it’s a little trickier than the boiling water canner because you have to keep your eye on the pressure.

While the beets were canning we had time to wash and blanch the beet greens. Our basked of beets came attached to about 12 cups of greens, which I’ll be able to use in soup this winter. After the 30 minutes were up (and nothing had exploded) we anxiously waited for the pressure canner to depressurized to check if our beets had worked. The jars came out (all eight) and they look great!

Tomorrow the jars will join the rest in the basement and we’ll enjoy them in the winter.


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