Half Marathon Training Week 4

Previous training posts: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

One month of running done! This week I ran my 700th mile of the year and finally made it to hot yoga. It was back to school this week as well so I’m on a different schedule than I was this summer and I seem to still be able to fit in my workouts so that’s good.

Monday: weights + 4 miles
Monday was a vacation day for me but we were still up early. I did my weights in the morning and then Patches and I went running in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 90 minute Bikram yoga class
Another day of vacation so I was able to attend a morning yoga class. It felt great to be back on my mat! Class felt like a really good leg workout and I was exhausted. I find that morning classes are way harder than afternoon classes for me but the 9 am classes are nice and quiet. Still super happy with my new towel.

Wednesday: 90 minute Bikram yoga class + 3 miles
I felt less tired at yoga which was a good thing since I had to head into my practicum school in the afternoon. After school I took the dog for a 3 mile run in the rain. It’s been so hot lately that it was actually nice to be cold on our run.

Thursday: 4 miles
I did weights in the morning and went for a run after school. Patches and I ran one of our favourite loops in the park that we haven’t had a chance to visit since it’s been so hot. It’s really changed since the spring when we were last up there – much more yellow and brown than green now. I’m looking forward to lots more running up on the hills in the fall when it’s just a little bit cooler.

Friday: rest
I’d planned a longer run for Saturday so today was a rest day.

Saturday: 10 miles
I was so tired after being out on Friday night that it took me until almost 11 am before I felt like heading out for my run. I did 7.5 mile loop at an average pace of 9:09/mile and then picked up the dog for another 2.5 km. I was exhausted afterwards but after a little break I found enough energy to help with canning our beets.

Sunday: rest
We spent most of the day canning and a little more time wading in the river .

Weekly Total: 21 miles, 2 strength workouts and 2 hot yoga classes.

I met last week’s goal of attending two yoga classes and I’d like to make sure I do this same this week. I’d also like to do a few more miles at race pace. I run my long runs at my target pace but most often my weekday runs are slower than my goal pace (I blame all the sniffing breaks with the dog). It would be good to do a few faster miles now and again. I’ll try for one mile a run at goal pace!


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