Dinner on the Deck

The warm weather is still hanging around and I’m trying to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible before things cool off. It was a particularly nice evening and since we have fridge full of veggies it just seemed to fit that we cook up a bunch of things and eat on the deck. We didn’t have any other evening plans so there was time to actually cook for once.

We’re still eating out of the garden and the lettuce is holding up (despite the heat) so we started with mixed greens and fresh tomatoes (from our own plants!).

Our CSA has been delivering potatoes every week and I haven’t used any since week 6. I thought cooking potato dishes would be easier but I’m struggling with it (any recipe ideas?). I’d actually been craving caesar salad dressing but roasted garlic mashed potatoes was the closest I could come with the ingredients in the house (and use up potatoes). To round out the meal there was BBQ corn, sausage and steamed broccoli.

Everything was delicious! It’s been so nice to sit out on the deck this summer (especially with the new patio furniture) and it makes even weeknight meals feel a little more relaxed. It’s supposed to stay nice for a little bit longer so hopefully we have a few more dinners on the deck left this year.


One thought on “Dinner on the Deck

  1. Baked or half baked potatoes, Baked of course take an hour in the oven, or wrapped in foil in the barbeque (probably a little shorter time) Half baked cut potato’s in half place of grill pan greased bake in half an hour in a 400F oven perfect for quick carbs 😉 Also great is baked sweet potato more nutritional bang for you buck more fibre more vitamins, and a great change up on occasion from regular potatoes!

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