Apple Sauce, Jelly and Sauerkraut

I almost didn’t go through with harvesting our apples this year – I was worn out after the chili sauce, the beets, and the pickles – but I was feeling a little guilty about not using our free apples. To make things easier I decided to just make what we’d used up since last fall – apple sauce – but then I also got suckered into making some jelly (those little tiny apples are so frustrating to peel). I didn’t think we got that many apples this year, but with Jonny working on the apple sauce, and me working on the jelly it still took almost 6 hours to get everything peeled, mashed and sealed in jars.

While we had the canner out we also canned the sauerkraut that Jonny has been fermenting on the dinning room table for the last month. It was the first time making anything fermented and I was totally sceptical that it would work. Again, Jonny proved me wrong and I’m excited to turn more cabbages into kraut next year.

jelly, sauerkraut and apple sauce

We’ve used up every canning jar in the house and everything from the garden that can be used. I’m relieved that there won’t be any more late nights slaving over the canner for another year!


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