Half Marathon Training Week 10

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Only four more weeks to go! I feel like this training has been going on forever, but since I’d be running anyways I’m not sure why it matters?

Monday: rest
Sitting in a car can be really tiring for just sitting there. After we’d unpacked and grabbed a few groceries I just wanted to curl up on the couch and sleep.

Tuesday: 5 miles
I made Patches do 3 miles with me, and then headed out for 2 by myself. It’s perfect trail running weather right now, as long as I keep my eyes out for roots. I had a little slip (nothing serious) but I should probably look more at the trail and less at the autumn colours!

Wednesday: 4 miles + weights
Patches and I started out to do 2 miles together, but somehow ended up running all 4 miles. It was really nice not to have to do two runs and Patches was awesome. With the cooler weather he can run further without having a swim break and he seems to just enjoy himself more.

After dinner I did my weights – I started stage 2 of NROL and it’s so much tougher than stage 1! Apparently I have zero balance, so I’m struggling to do all the exercises which now involve balancing on one leg. It will be a good challenge.

Thursday: 5 miles
I’d promised Patches an easier run after Wednesday, so he only joined me for 2.5 miles. Then I went out and did the same route again by myself. I’m so lucky that we have gorgeous running trails basically right outside my door or I’d never be able motivate myself to run the same loop twice in one day.

Friday: rest
It didn’t feel like a rest day after I’d driven Jonny to the airport, gone to class, stopped at MEC and lesson planned all afternoon but since I don’t count dog walks in my weekly mileage it goes on the record as a day off.

Saturday: 12 miles
After last week’s long-run-as-two-runs run, 12 miles felt very long. It was my coldest run in a while (winter is coming) and I was really glad that I’d purchased some new running gear on Friday. I went to buy new pair of running tights (to replace the pair I’ve had for over 10 years) but then they had a few items on sale that I’d been wanting and I figured why not? I’ve been wishing for a lightweight jacket to wear in the fall/spring/rain (my other one is super warm, which means it’s not great for shoulder season) so I couldn’t pass up the lightweight running jacket in my size for almost 50% that I found in the clearance section. And nothing makes a long run better than a warm running top (also on sale).

After running 12 miles in my gear, I am absolutely in love with the jacket and top, but am a little disappointed in my new tights. I think there must have been a defect in the material since after my run there was a little tear on the side of the knee. I’ll take them back and try again!

Sunday: rest
More lesson planning and dog walking. I was tired!

Weekly Total: 26 miles, 1 strength workouts and 0 yoga classes

I met my running goal from last week (25 miles and a 12 miler) but I really need to work on getting back into my strength and yoga routines. I had to return my copy of NROL to the library but was able to pick it up again so I have no excuses for not doing my weights! This week’s goal is 5 days of running, two weight sessions and two yoga classes.


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