Half Marathon Training Week 11

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Ah, another week done! This week wasn’t a super high mileage week but with all the other stuff I had to get done that was fine with me. I decided that week 12 would be my last big run, so it was nice to have an easy week 11. I was thinking how lucky I’ve been with the weather up until now, and if I can just make it past the race without running in the snow that’s good with me. I’m already not looking forward to winter running (brrr…) but I realize it’s an unavoidable part of living in Calgary.

Monday: 4 miles
Patches and I have been taking advantage of the cooler weather and running on trails that don’t have doggy swimming holes every 5 minutes. Our route today had lots of fun little hills and one really great surprise – about 10 asparagus plants along it! They’re much easier to spot in the fall since they turn a brilliant orange colour, so I plan to go out and GPS the locations so I can check them in the spring.

Tuesday: 2 miles + yoga
Two miles is my favourite distance and seems like enough running right before a yoga class. Yoga was good, but it’s starting to get busy in the hot room. I imagine it will only get worse as the weather cools off.

Wednesday: 5 miles + weights
One of Patches’ faster runs – an average pace of about 10 minutes/mile! I did workout B from NROL which I think I like better than last week’s workout (A). I need to buy myself a step next time I see one at the second-hand store because the one I’ve built from a 2×8 isn’t the best.

Thursday: 3 miles
I’d thought of maybe doing 4 miles, but I was tired after the week and decided to increase my long run on Saturday instead. This gave me a little extra time for school work before heading to the airport to pick up Jonny.

Friday: rest
I thought I was going to make it to yoga, but ended up spending the whole day at school. I always think I’m going to make it to that 4 pm yoga class on Friday, but so far this semester it just hasn’t worked out.

Saturday: 7 miles
Definitely a cutback week but 7 miles was a manageable distance before 9:30 on a Saturday morning and meant that I still met my running goals for the week. After we met some friends for a potluck brunch which was perfect because I’d already completed my run. I’m not sure I would have been able to run if I’d waited until the afternoon with all the delicious things I ate.

Sunday: yoga
It was a good class and went by really quickly. I can feel a little more tightness in my ankles in some of the poses, so I should probably go more often than I do right now.

Weekly Total: 21 miles, 1 strength workouts and 2 yoga classes

I met my running goal from last week (run 5 times) and was much better with my yoga and strength workouts. This week’s goal is a 13 mile long run, two weight sessions and two yoga classes.


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