Happy Birthday Blog

Today the blog turns 5 years old! I’m not going to bake it a cake, but I might eat one of these delicious (and so dangerous) 2 minute mug brownies. I actually only cook mine for 1.5 minutes so they’re a little extra gooey and oh-so-good with a scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Around this day in…

2006 – I posted my first blog entry before heading off to San Francisco

2007 – I was somewhere in the wine country of Argentina

2008 – I shared a photograph of my cat in one of my slowest months for blogging ever (only 4 posts!)

2009 – I was at home sick (and I shared photographs of my cat)

2010 – I was watching Die Hard on VHS while taking a break from school work.

What I love about blogging is the little things that it captures. Here’s to another five years of writing about the little stuff!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Blog

  1. Wow! Five years. We have gotten a ;ot of pleasure reading your blog. Every day i check it out to see if anything new has been written.

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